Hanne: How to wear - The Military jacket

September. Vogue Fashion's Night Out in Berlin.
Settembre. Vogue Fashion's Night Out a Berlino.





CoffeeBlooms said...

Siete bravissime!!!!!!! Io ho una passione sfrenata per disegni ed illustrazioni in generale ed in particolare di moda!!!! adoro il rosso e blu insieme! (ho una giacchina simile!)

Chichi said...

Vi ho scoperte per caso, devo ammettere che le vostre illustrazioni sono meravigliose!!!
le adoro!!
p.s. passatemi a trovare se vi va www.theoldnow.com

Anonymous said...

Wooooow, how fantastic fashion illustrations! I'm thinking of enterviewing a fashion illustrator, would you like to participate?
Thanx so much for visiting my blog!

Rosa&Carlotta said...

thank you everyone!

of course we'de like to participate! that would be great :)

Marloes. said...

Thanks for stopping by! I love your drawings so I follow you now. Can't wait for your posts, you are so talented!


Ninjagaiden78 said...

This is cool. I like the red pants. People should wear more color instead of the whole black and blue pants. Try some red.


C said...

Really nice, i love Andy !


Jana and Vanessa said...

Love your drwaings! Would be great to have one like that for our blog, too.
All the best and keep up that good work!

Rosa&Carlotta said...

Thank you girls!! we're glad you like our illustrations :D