Miranda: How to wear - Oversized Jumpers -

October. Buying fabric to make a Halloween costume.
Ottobre. Comprando la stoffa per fare un costume di Halloween.

Jumpers are perfect to keep you warm as temperatures go down.
Knitwear is also one of the biggest trends of this season.
 We've seen sweater dresses, chunky knits and Nordic styles 
everywhere on the catwalk, 
and we are sure all of you (male and female) have a cozy and oversized knit jumper 
to cuddle into in this cold weather.
I maglioni sono perfetti per tenerci al caldo quando le temperature iniziano a scendere.
Il knitwear è anche uno dei maggiori trend di questa stagione.
Sulle passerelle abbiamo visto moltissimi vestiti in maglia, maglioni pesanti e capi in stile nordico:  siamo sicure che tutti voi (uomini e donne) avete un maglione accogliente e - forse - oversize, 
in cui coccolarvi in questo che si preannuncia come un inverno particolarmente freddo.


Sonia Rykiel


Marloes. said...

the clogs look so cute!


Sarah Bianchi said...

Era ora che ci fosse un trend invernale che pensasse a tenerci al caldo oltre che ad essere alla moda :)


Rosa&Carlotta said...

@Sarah Bianchi hai proprio ragione! :)Anche i kitten heels proposti da Louis Vuitton e Prada sono molto più comodi dei plateau e tacchi vertiginosi:D

Anonymous said...

I love these illustrations! Do you do them yourself?? Thanks for the comment about the makeup i photographed.. I am following you now; would kindly appreciate the same if you like my work ;)

Aimee said...

Your illustrations really just never fail to impress me!


Keyla M. Rosas R. said...

Amazing!!! I love the style!!

Sassi said...

wow, great! have a look at my post - http://asterisque5.blogspot.com/2010/10/oh-my-boots.html
I'm wearing my oversized sweater, too :D and I love it, it's so comfi and warm.

Hanna said...

And again you guys did an amazing job!


Rosa&Carlotta said...

Thank you everyone for the lovely comments!!

@Sassi we will definitely check out your post :)

zizi bloom said...

very good job girls!!!
keep going! :)


Underground Ladies said...

Wouah it's sooo beautiful ! Love your draw !

elleandco said...

So so cute !!


Laetitia Chic and Positive said...

Your blog is so cute! xoxo


SucceedingatFailing said...

Just found your blog, its really cool! The illustrations are such a funky idea and you draw so beautifully! New follower! :)


Irene Villora Esteve. said...

Thanks for your comment! I'm following you girls :)
Did you draw the picture above¿? It's awesome!


Rosa&Carlotta said...

@ Irene Villora Esteve.
Thank you!!
Yes, all the illustrations are made by us :)

Twin Style said...

lovely blog!
we are twin sisters too ^^


Myriam said...

bellissima illustrazione! mi piace l'idea di indossare caldi maglioni con delle gonnine leggere, ho postato ieri alcuni look dalla sfilata di rebecca taylor che interpretano proprio questo mood ;)

Anonymous said...

finally we can stay warm&fashionable


BenchesandChandeliers said...


Marzia said...

io odio il freddo brrr, però questo post è davvero simpatico!!!!

Katt said...

I love the illustrations, and I need an oversized jumper for winter!
x http://not-just-clothes.blogspot.com

Rosa&Carlotta said...

Today it was 20°C in London, no need for a jumper :D

Thank you for the comments guys!! we love you xx

Ashley said...

I love this! And I desperately need more chunky sweaters in my closet!


Debora said...

Hi girls, thank you for your lovely comment in my TokyoBlondes, I really appreciated it ! Thank you :)

I love love love love love your paints, your are simply great ! I love this original way to show fashion :D it's great ! Now I follow you via Bloglovin


helena said...

Oh I love oversized jumpers.
The drawings are really really cute this time.

Frances Joy said...

I've been living in mine on the weekends, but I haven't tried it with a skirt...yet....

Lara said...

Really loving the illustration. You are an artist, arent you?

thanks for stopping by and for your lovely comment


Marguerite N. said...

Bellissimo Iceberg.

Michelle Elaine said...

super cute! i love your illustrations! show more!!