CHANEL Les Vernis / Nail Polish

We are obsessed with Chanel's nail polishes - well, who isn't?
It's true that the price is a little bit high but their quality and colours are unique :)
However, if you want to spend less, plenty of other brands have great substitutes, 
first among all Barry M and OPI!
We are particularly crazy about Chanel Particuliere and Nouvelle Vague
and we can't wait to try the new Riva! :)
Which one do you like the most?

Adoriamo gli smalti Chanel - beh, chi può non amarli?
E' vero che il prezzo è un po' alto, ma la qualità e i colori sono unici :)
Se volete spendere meno, comunque, ci sono tanti marchi che offrono degli ottimi sostituti,
primi fra tutti Barry M e OPI!
I nostri preferiti Chanel sono Particuliere e Nouvelle Vague,
e non vediamo l'ora di provare il nuovo Riva! :)
Quali sono i vostri preferiti?

Chanel - Riva
Ooops! We almost forgot to mention that we've been interviewed by sweet Laura, 
please check it out at  :)
Ooops! Quasi dimenticavo di dirvi che siamo state intervistate dalla simpaticissima Laura!
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Unknown said...

belli, belli! adoro il khaki vert, ne sto cercando un valido sostituto!!
il riva è stupendo...e sono per una volta una trendsetter: quest'estate ne ho comprato uno uguale :))

Funkydoris said...

I just bumped into you blog and i love your it

Julia said...

I agree about the beauty of the colours but the quality is quite lame compared to others, and I know it cause I've tried several!
but... I just can't resist the pack:D

Christina Key said...

Oh I like this drawing! :)


Monroe Steele said...

I love that khaki coloured green i want it.

xoxo Monroe
visit me soon

Stefanie said...

I simply love chanel's nailpolishes !!
I'm so pleased with their quality & with all the beautiful and different colors !!
It's like an addiction for us women, huh ?

E said...

I'm all about that jade color!

Simply Colette said...

Great blog! Love the illustrated work...


Claire said...

ah so cool, love it!

~ x♥x♥ :)
~ ♥x♥x :)
~ x♥x♥ :)

Irina said...

sweet polishes!

Flashes of Style said...

Hehe so cute! <3

Roisin Ward said...

thanks so much for visiting my blog! i'm so obsessed with yours now!

chanel nouvelle vague is my favourite nail varnish of all time!!

Beat Goes On said...

Me encantaaa!!

Missariadne said...

Great post.

Anonymous said...

i've just come across your page it's amazing!

Hanna said...

Great post! And I'm still dying for the army colour! I think I just have to buy the Chanel version cause I can't find a copy anywhere!:O

Lucrezia Vozza said...

Molto belli, anche io aspetto Riva con ansia!

Li amo così tanto che il mio giveaway attuale vede in palio uno smalto di Chanel!

Anonymous said...

Really good write-up...



Unknown said...

I have got the Particulière colour and I'm totally in love with it.
Riva colour is just amazing!

Rosa and Carlotta: Illustrated-Moodboard said...

Thank you guys!! We love reading your comments!! :)
Chanel nail's polishes are really addictive ;D

Unknown said...

Great work honey's!!!

i loveee the new color... <3

cLa said...

grazue per aver visitato il mio blog di moda e non solo!
complimenti per le vostre illustrazioni... e chanel resta sempre il migliore!

Febriani Djunaedi said...

great blog :)
thanks for your sweet comment :)
i have follow your blog now

great post

Anonymous said...

First of all, thanks for passing by! :) And your blog is delightful, love the Chanel nail polish illustrations and the post on Kate Moss and Topshop. She was gorgeous at that event, love her hair (L)


Dee O. said...

Such lovely illustrations! I love Chanel nail color as well, it's absolutely fabulous! And Riva is my favorite shade at the moment :)


Rosa and Carlotta: Illustrated-Moodboard said...

Thank you!!

Piter said...

Beautiful drawing, your blog's cool! thanks for your comment! ;)

helena said...

Haha those nail polishes look so cute.

SLF said...

my fav one is nr 505 :)

V and S (zuckerfrei). said...

Che bellissima questa vostra illustrazione!Una delle più belle. Complimenti (L)

olka said...

draw me something with my styling, these drawings are wonderful

I invite you to my blog:)