Wigs - Do or Don't?


Sometimes, while choosing an outfit, we think "this dress would look so much better if I was a brunette!", doesn't it happen to you too?
We would like to have seven different wigs, one for each day of the week, to create a new look everyday! :)
What do you think about wigs? Do or Don't??
We don't own any but we think they look great at parties!

A volte, scegliendo un outfit, ci capita di pensare, "questo vestito starebbe molto meglio se avessi i capelli castani!, non succede anche a voi?
Ci piacerebbe avere sette parrucche diverse, una per ogni giorno della settimana, per creare ogni giorno un look diverso! :)
Cosa ne pensate delle parrucche? Do or Don't??
Noi non ne possediamo nessuna ma pensiamo che siano accessori perfetti per le feste!

Anja Rubik
Natalia Vodianova
Natalia Vodianova
Kate Moss
Lanvin A/W 2010
Louis Vuitton S/S 2010


coco kailee said...
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coco kailee said...

I am a HUGE fan of wigs. I wear a wig actually and my sponsor makes awesome ones in very stylish cuts and colors. Mine gives me the chance to wear my hair in a different style (my DREAM hairstyle) without damaging my real hair with heating tools and bleach and such...

Wigs are really great investments if you can find one that looks realistic enough. *Cough* My Sponsor *Cough* Lolol

I say they are a DO for any girl who wants to be able to quickly and easily switch up her look without spending at the salon or doing something permanent to her real hair. Plus, they're just downright fun! DEFINITELY a do :}

xoxo coco


fab! very sanahtha jones on chemo LOL!
I always wear it on theme parties :))

arbuziary said...

Oh.. I am so IN with your illustrations..
I ve seen one of your art on another blog and it was really great:)

Rosa and Carlotta: Illustrated-Moodboard said...

@ coco
We'll check out your sponsor, then :]

Rosa and Carlotta: Illustrated-Moodboard said...

THANK YOU for the comments guys!

thefacelessblog said...

wow love these shots of blunt hair styles!! amazing!!

feel free to visit/comment on my blog http://www.thefacelessblog.com... and follow me on bloglovin and google friends if u wish!

wud love to know wot u think!

keep in touch.xx

Febriani Djunaedi said...

i'm a fans of your illustration :)


Inna Santiago said...

Aw you girls are so cute! I think wigs do look good on parties but not so much I think for everyday - I don't know its just me :)


dieselbe said...

it's great to have a blog whit an own name. You're cool kids.

Shinta H. T. said...

wig is cute for having fun ! but not for everyday daily life :D

shinta (rubicstyle)

Brittney said...

Thanks for your comments. :) This is a great blog. The illustrations are cool.

Leya said...

wow cool post..
and your pictures are so cheeky...
hehe =)
anyway, i love your new blog look...
cute..blue is cute!!


Rosa and Carlotta: Illustrated-Moodboard said...

Thank you! We're glad you like the new design :) :)

Hanna said...

Love those pics of you guys! You look so stunning!
I don't own any wigs, but I would love to have some, just to be blond for one day or something!:D


GAZTE BAT said...

I leke them they are sometimes colourful and lovely!! Your pictures with wigs are amazing :)


Unknown said...

great blog!
The illustrations are so so cool.
i really like them!
check my blog if you have time!
thans! :)

Yuliya Fashionblog said...

Great pictures ♥

IMaiorano said...

i found now your blog: iz wow
so inspired.........
ifollow u

Anonymous said...

I think wigs look great on parties too. I'd love to dress up for some party with a pink wig like Scarlett Johansson did on Lost in translation or Natalie Portman on Closer ;)


Spiros Savvinos said...

i looove this blog and your photos are great !!!
follow yoiu

check out my brand new blog


The Jilted Lover said...

Your blog is wonderful! I'm following. I always wanted to wear a funky colored wig. One day I will!

Rosa and Carlotta: Illustrated-Moodboard said...

That's a great idea! I loved Natalie Portman's pink hair in Closer :D

Slow Fashioned said...

i absolutely love wigs! i have always wanted to wear wigs, but never had the nerve to wear anything too wild...maybe its a good time to start...

@Rosa&Carlotta thanks for visiting & commenting on my blog!!!


rouli said...

reallygreat post and blog!

love all the pics!


Just Another Londoner said...

Do, definitely! I kind of want to find a good brunette wig to see what I'd look like with dark hair-I'm too scared to commit to dye...

Lucrezia Vozza said...

Amo le parrucche, ne possiedo due: un caschetto rosa, e una lunga marrone scuro con frangia di lato!

Rosa and Carlotta: Illustrated-Moodboard said...

@Lucrezia Vozza
caschetto rosa.. bellissima, la voglio provare anch'io! :D

Anonymous said...

Wigs are awesome, I support them, and own a few myself.

Poko Style said...

Poter cambiare taglio e stile ogni giorno mi piacerebbe da matti...;)

Stefania di PokoStyle

cielke said...

looks great!!!
who does the drawing?

Drake Valentin said...

Natalia Vodianova hair style looks so gorgeous. These blue and pink synthetic wigs looks amazing. I am a fan of how she carries this style with her., with confidence and a courage to slam the slammers.

mind.it said...
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mind.it said...

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zaynting said...

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Ambreen said...

You are looking cute in these wigs. I am trying many more braid wigs for parties and I will try your collection also.