Pink Barbie Christmas

When we were younger, every Christmas we used to receive at least one Barbie doll, 
and we had even learned to spot the Barbie boxes among other Christmas boxes... 
without having to open them!
We still associate Barbie with Christmas!
Barbie dolls are indisputably iconic images of femininity and style.
Don't you just love these windows of Selfridges where it was created 
a whole real-size Barbie+Ken Christmas scene? 
Among all the pink accessories, there's also a pink Stam bag! :)

Per anni, da piccole, abbiamo ricevuto almeno una Barbie ogni Natale e, con il tempo, abbiamo imparato a riconoscere le scatole delle Barbie tra i vari pacchetti sotto l'albero... senza bisogno di aprirle!
Ancora adesso associamo Barbie con il Natale!
Le Barbie sono indiscutibilmente icone di stile e femminilità.
Non piacciono moltissimo anche a voi queste vetrine allestite da Selfridges
con Barbie e Ken in dimensione naturale in versione natalizia?
Tra i vari accessori rosa c'è anche una borsa Stam rosa! :)




LOLA FINN said...

So funny! Love It!

Love Lola

valncami said...

oh my goodness, this is just fabulous! i love that window display, just adorable. i used to love getting barbie dolls too :] they're the best!
and love your illustration as well <3

xo, camilla

Blond Panther & Louboutin... said...

Oowww so so cute and lovely ;)

Blond Panther & Louboutin... said...

Oowww so so cute and lovely ;)

Rosa and Carlotta: Illustrated-Moodboard said...

Thank you girls!! :)

Katie said...

Your illustration is lovely! :D I used to get barbies too, but when I was around 9 I gave them all the a womans refuge because I didn't want to be the only little girl with nice toys to play with, what can I say, I was a thoughtful kid :L I kind of regret giving ALL of them away, as I had over 50, and I never thought I'd have a sister, which I do now, so from next Christmas onwards, she's getting barbies, she's a bit too young this Christmas time though! :)


stef, said...

oh che bello questo post!!! meraviglioso....

My little lady said...

I love your Barbie!! I don't like so much the pink colour, but I must say that this shop mirror is amazing =D


o0fAshionstArr0o said...

wow amazing window shop

Carly said...

I love it, very cute!

Pearls & Politics said...

So lovely! I love the photos AND Barbie :)

Tanya Dempsey said...

Barbie was soooo Christmas to me too! I love your illustration!


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Monica said...

AMAZING,i really really love Barbie.
i want one of them,sure.
fyi,i love your illustrated
kiss <3

Jessica Addessi said...

:O anche io voglio l albero di natale con le barbie sopra!!! :D penso che le barbie siano uno dei ricordi più belli della mia infanzia! e credo che lo siano state anche per molte altre bambine :D
a presto caraaa
baci baci
Jessica :)

Daria said...

I'm in love with your Barbie picture!! pink has always been my favourite colour

Laura A. said...

que bonitas ilustraciones! os sigo!!! os vi en el blog de lovelypepa

Sara Lindgren said...

Lovely! **

STEFANIE said...

my oh my, so much pink! :)

Anonymous said...

My partner and I really enjoyed reading this blog post, I was just itching to know do you trade featured posts? I am always trying to find someone to make trades with and merely thought I would ask.

Mon Style Et La Mode said...

I love your artwork! are really good!
Congratulations on your blog!

goldblackmirror said...

Pink, pink pink!!my favourite colour, when i was a child i´loved play with Barbie´s.i like this post.

Stephanie Loudmouth said...

oh my gosh. where is this? looks like heaven! i played with barbies for YEARS. i think i still have my collection tucked away somewhere.

Nelly said...

I love your ilustrations!!! they are so nice!!!!

Rosa and Carlotta: Illustrated-Moodboard said...

Thanks for the comments girls, you're so sweet!! :)

Rosa and Carlotta: Illustrated-Moodboard said...

it's at Selfridges, Oxford Street (London)! :) x

Anna said...

Oh I love that window. You are so right about the association of Barbie with Christmas.
Love your Christmas posts.

Sabina said...

That is so true about Barbie and Christmas. Truly two concepts made for each other. And those pics look like a dream!

Keep up the good work.

Unknown said...

Your illustrations are so good! Thumbs up.
- Love, Charlotte

Rosa and Carlotta: Illustrated-Moodboard said...

We have the same name! :D
Thanks for your comment!
xx Carlotta

Ana said...

YOUR illustrations are so beautiful.congradulations on that gIFT YOu both have.

i also have a twin sister - its hossom isnt it? ;)

i saw your illustrations of pepa blogger and were very well done.

im gonna follow you with much interest.



Cindy Van Dyck said...

How are you? Your blog is great and I love your pictures and illustrations! I'm glad that I've visited yours.

Please, check mine, & maybe we can follow eachother? + join my giveaway!

Thanks and love,
Cindy from

Natasha said...

Gorgeous photos! And yet another awesome illustration xxx

Ana G said...

Your illustrations are so unique, you got a signature and that`s a big step, congratulations. besos.

miaoshan said...

awww lurve this blog shooo much!!

Lurve Barbie and Ken~~ Thanks for sharing these lovely pictures!!

Keep up the good work!!

jonnachi said...

i still love Barbies...well i'm not thaaaaat old yet to not love them but still!!
i want to go to this place! it looks so dream-like

Anonymous said...

What a fun window display. I love that pink marc jacobs bag