Prada Spring/Summer 2011

This illustration, as you can probably tell, was inspired by Prada Spring/Summer 2011.
According to us, this collection is definitely one of the most distinctive of the season. 
Horizontal stripes and bold prints and solids are indeed very captivating!
Who can resist to cheeky monkeys and optical patterns?

Questa illustrazione, come potete intuire, è ispirata a Prada Privamera/Estate 2011.
Secondo il nostro parere, questa collezione è sicuramente una di quelle che più si è distinta questa stagione.
Le righe orizzontali accostate a stampe e colori intensi sono davvero accattivanti!
Sapete resistere a scimmiette dispettose e motivi optical?
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The Dolls Factory said...

dovreste presentarvi per il prossimo progetto Prada di illustrations. Brave

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Anonymous said...

love the illustration and collection!

xx cindy

Kalina said...

gorgeous collection, I love the color and hair, orange dress is great!

greetings from

Nikki said...

The hair is my favorite part!

Monroe Steele said...

Amazing illustrations...

xoxo Monroe

Fashion Steele NYC

V and S (zuckerfrei). said...

Siete sempre troppo brave ^-^

Míriam Juan-Torres said...

I really really love the illustration, so cool :)

Meg said...

Prada di quest'estate è fantastica, e voi l'avete resa alla perfezione!


Zarna said...

that illustration is lovely! you're so talented!

Haute-fly said...

I do love the Prada collection!

Have you seen Leomie Anderson modelling the SS11 collection?

Thank you for your lovely comment. I'm now following.. please feel free to pop back and see further posts or to follow.
Thank you,

Agenzia hostess torino said...

Great show and Outfits are perfect! i love these show! The one in the black dress that seems like she´s dancing is just beautiful..!