Miss Dior Chérie commercial with Natalie Portman by Sofia Coppola

Have you already seen the new Miss Dior Chérie commercial directed by Sofia Coppola?
We already adored the previous one with Maryna Linchuk, but we think that Natalie Portman is an equally lovely testimonial.
The final result more poetic than ever!
We wish we could step into the scene right now and never leave it again :)

Avete già visto la nuova pubblocità di Miss Dior Chérie diretta da Sofia Coppola?
La scorsa con Maryna Linchuk  l'abbiamo adorata, ma troviamo che Natalie Portman non sia assolutamente da meno come testimonial.
E il risultato complessivo è poetico più che mai!
Vorremmo entrare nella scena in questo istante e non uscirne più :)



Daria said...

great idea for the illustration!! want more!!

Deppa said...

Oh yes! but unfortunately I tried that parfume yesterday and I didn't like it, it was weird on me :(

See you!

Unknown said...

wwoowww, I LOVE the commercial. natalie is so stunning!


Unknown said...

Great commercial! I really adore Natalie Portman, she's just so amazing and gorgeous!!


Unknown said...

Awesome, I just saw it and believe me: I fel in love! She has been always adorable in my eyes, but now even more
xoxo Kiki

Agnese said...

Adoro la Portman e questo spot è veramente chic :)

salome said...

love ;))

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Anonymous said...

complimenti, le vostre illustrazioni sono favolose!!

Susie said...

I love everything about the advert! It's very Breakfast at Tiffany's! I love your illustration too--so beautiful. xoxoxo

Hanna said...

amaaazing illustration!! I want to learn how to draw like you!:)

Francy said...

bella illustrazione!
miss dior cherie è uno dei miei profumi preferiti! però, anche se trovo che questo sia adorabile, mi piaceva di più lo spot vecchio!
xo xo

Stephanie Loudmouth said...

Oh my gosh, thank you for sharing this! The commercial is so romantically sexy... Natalie is perfect. Love your illustration of it!

Twitter @theloudermouth

Anonymous said...

bellissimo il disegno! <3

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, thank you for sharing!


Laura said...

I love the commercial, and this illustration might be one of my favourite drawn by you!

Rosa and Carlotta: Illustrated-Moodboard said...

Oh, thank you! :D