Frog cocktail rings by Lucid New York + 20% off discount code

Hey, what's up?
We finished our last exam ( Bachelor's degree in Sociology completed yay!)
and we have two new frog friends!
No, not real animals but two stunning pieces of jewerly by Lucid New York :)
Wearing these frog cocktail rings makes us feel like we're living 
the Princess and the Frog fairytale!

"Handmade jewelry by Lucid New York is a unique collection of sterling silver 
and 14k gold-filled pieces for every woman, who deserves to feel special" 
reads the website.
The frog cocktail rings, in particular, are a fashion editor's favourite, 
and have been featured on Nylon, Marie Claire, 
The New York Times Blog and more!

If you're cocktail rings lover and don't want to miss this one, 
here a  20% off discount for you :)


Hey, come va?
Noi abbiamo appena finito il nostro ultimo esame 
(Bachelor's degree in Sociology completed :D!)
e ora abbiamo due nuove amiche ranocchie!
No, non animali veri, ma due splendidi gioielli di Lucid New York:)
Questi frog cocktail rings ci ricordano la fiaba della Principessa e il Ranocchio!

"I gioielli realizzati a mano di Lucid New York compongono una collezione unica di pezzi 
in sterling silver e in oro placcato 14k adatti ad ogni donna, che merita di sentirsi speciale", 
si legge nella presentazione del sito.
I frog cocktail rings, in particolare, sono amati dalle fashion editor di testate come 
Nylon, Marie Claire, The New York Times Blog e molte altre!

Se siete amanti dei cocktail ring  e non volete lasciarvi scappare questo, 
ecco per voi un codice per ricevere lo sconto del 20% :)




cool hunter said...

love it!!!

Kalina said...

very nice ring! I love this from ysl, amazing!

greetings from

Francy said...

sono stupendiiiii!!!
xo xo

Unknown said...

Congratulations for finish you studies!!!
Pfff ;D
I like your blue nails.
Kisses from Madrid ♥ ♥ ♥

Anonymous said...

Esattamente a cosa serve una laurea in sociologia? :S

Rosa and Carlotta: Illustrated-Moodboard said...


Come sbocchi lavorativi intendi? Riguardo all'Italia non sappiamo dirti ma qui in the UK mondo accademico, media e industrie creative sono tra le opzioni che ci interessano maggiormente :)

Claire and Vasia said...

They look amazing :)

stef. said...

carini questi anelli.. anche al mio fidanzato piacciono! :P

Change Paris said...

I love your work! And the ring is beautiful!

Anna said...

Amazing, I'm so happy the Lucid New York frog ring got so beautifully featured! Thank you...

Ilse said...

love your cute, typical simplistic drawings! your rings look awesome

Anonymous said...

Love your drawings, your very talented!

Awesome rings! Thanks for the discount!

Girl about Town XxX

Annabelle Fleur said...

Wow, the rings are so amazing! Just gorgeous, I am of course also in love with your YSL ring, the color of the stone is my favorite:) Great blog, I am now following! Maybe you'll have time to visit my blog:)


Fydez said...

That's a very beautiful ring! And I love the photos. XX

Seasoned With Youth said...

That looks heavenly. Yum!