Jack Wills - The Summer Term Handbook 2011

When we first came back to our lovely apartment in London after the Easter break spent in Italy, we found the new Jack Wills summer term handbook waiting for us. 
After looking at these summery shots it's really hard to focus on the forthcoming exams!
We can't wait to get done with all this university stuff and enjoy the summer atmosphere and our last holidays as undergraduate students!

Appena arrivate nel nostro piccolo appartamento londinese dopo aver trascorso le vacanze di Pasqua in Italia, abbiamo trovato ad aspettarci il nuovo handbook del summer term di Jack Wills
Vedendo gli scatti al suo interno ci รจ quasi impossibile trovare la concentrazione per pensare agli esami imminenti!
Non vediamo l'ora di finire tutto e di goderci l'atmosfera estiva e le ultime vacanze da studentesse undergraduate!

Picture Source: JackWills.com


V and S (zuckerfrei). said...

Ma wow. Sono troppo affascinanti questi scatti!

Kalina said...

beautiful photos! so stunning views!

greetings from

In Palace said...

The last pic is amazing!

In Palace ♥

sorelle in style said...

i agree! the jack wills catalog makes me want summer even more!

sorelle in style

Unknown said...

I love Jack Wills (and Aubin&Wills too) since I first saw their stuff. Preppy but relaxed and sooo british <3

Hanna said...

lovee these pics so much!! what's the name of the red haired model??

MartaL. said...

Ma sono tutte bellissime!!
Vi ho inserite nella mia pagina dedicata ai blog che seguo! Passa a vedere: http://afashionablecoockie.blogspot.com/p/blogroll.html

rosapelsblog said...

love theses photos !

Rosa and Carlotta: Illustrated-Moodboard said...


I'm sorry we don't know the model's name, it's not written anywhere in the handbook!


Anonymous said...


Eva said...

I'm interested in the red haired model as well. It looks like it could be the English-Dutch Holland's Next Top Model winner Cecile Sinclair, although there's no further reference to Jack Wills on any of her info pages.

Rosa and Carlotta: Illustrated-Moodboard said...

We looked everywhere on Jack Wills website for the model's name, but we couldn't find anything either!

Anonymous said...

i can confirm it is indeed cecile sinclar from hntm. as she is my friend :) x