Bloggers: Isabelle of Bohemian Musings

The girl  you see in this illustration is  Isabelle  of Bohemian Musings.
Her blog, with its whimsical and dreamy pictures,
is often such a great source of inspiration for us :)
Check it out and let the bohemian breeze lull you!

La ragazza che vedere in questa illustrazione è  Isabelle  di Bohemian Musings.
Il suo blog, con una scelta di immagini fantasiose e atmosfere sognanti,
è spesso una grande fonte di ispirazione per noi :)
Fate una visita, e lasciatevi cullare dalla brezza bohemienne!

And thank you Isabelle for the lovely words!
E grazie a Isabelle per le parole gentili!



Claire M. said...

I love the drawing, its so nice ;)

Lindsay With An "A" said...

Wow, what a gorgeous drawing AND real pic!! I love it!

Valerie said...

Really nice done!

Just Like a True Star

Ceciliette said...

So cool to find a succesfull ilustration blog! Love your work girls! I think we have the same issue...i don´t draw faces on my work either!!! hhah in my case beacuse i suck at it!
Thnks for introducing us to isabelle, another cool blogger.