Lou Makes Giveaway (2 WINNERS!) + discount code

It's time for a new giveaway!
This time we've teamed up with Lou Makes
a small boutique that offers a unique selection of beautiful pieces of jewellery 
that could not often be found on the high street.
Lou sources all her items from around the world, but especially loves working 
with vintage and deadstock items from USA.

*  *  *
Lou Makes is letting us pick TWO winners that will be randomly selected.
- The 1st winner will be able to choose her prize from anything in the shop!
- The 2nd winner will receive a beautiful Dapper Gent Necklace (picture below) 

Here's how to enter:

1) Follow Illustrated Moodboard via either Bloglovin or GooldFriendConnect

2) Visit Lou Makes and leave a comment saying which item you'd like to receive as well as a way to contact you in case you win

3) If you have a Facebook account like Illustrated Moodboard and tell us your FB name

You have time until Thursday the 21st of July at 11:59pm (CET) to enter.
The giveaway is open worldwide

E' tempo per un nuovo giveaway!
Questa volta abbiamo collaborato con Lou Makes
una piccola boutique che offre una gamma unica di bellissimi gioielli,
difficilmente reperibili in negozi high street.
Lou  seleziona i suoi pezzi da tutto il mondo, 
ma ama particolarmente gli oggetti vintage e gli stock
di magazzino provenienti dagli Stati Uniti.

*   *   *
Lou Makes ci permette di scegliere DUE vincitori, che saranno selezionati casualmente.
- il PRIMO vincitore avra' la possibilita' di scegliere il proprio premio 
tra qualsiasi oggetto in negozio!
- il SECONDO vincitore ricevera' una bellissima collana Dapper Gent (immagine sotto)

Ecco come partecipare:

1) Seguite Illustrated Moodboard tramite Bloglovin o GoogleFriendConnect

2) Visitate Lou Makes e lasciate un commento indicando quale oggetto desiderereste ricevere 
e il modo per contattarvi in caso di vincita.

3) Se avete un account su Facebook cliccate mi piace sulla pagina di Ilustrated Moodboard e diteci il vostro nome FB

Avete tempo fino a Giovedi 21 Luglio alle 11:59pm per iscrivervi

Finally, our readers can get a 15% discount on anything in the shop 
using this  discount code: MOOD15
(valid until the end of July)

Infine, i nostri lettori possono usufruire di uno sconto del 15% su tutta la merce in negozio utilizzando il codice: MOOD15
(valido fino alla fine di luglio)



Mimi said...

Following you through GFC!
I'd want to win the Tibetan Silver Cross Earrings!
Liked your FB Page!
FB name: Camile Danica Flores

caty said...

partecipo :)
nick follower google catymariposina
email maison-@hotmail.it
su fb sono caterina mariposina
prodotto preferito:
ossiia gli orecchini con il simbolo della pace :)

Josine said...

Following through GoogleFriendConnect
I want to win the Arty-San ring. :)
Email: mojojosine@yahoo.com
Also liked your FB page
FB name: Josine Camille Baluyot


ma sono tutti bellissimi! Mi piacerebbe vincere il turquoise arty ring!

Seguito tutte le regole!!

Grazie per il bellissimo Giveaway!!


Leya said...

i love the illustration!

Giulia said...

Mi piace questo giveaway!! Io vorrei vincere l'anello Lou Makes Cobalt Arty

Clara said...

Turquoise Arty
I follow you via bloglovin' and fb.
I have a personal fb account facebook.com/clara.portales you contact me here as well.

Laura said...

Great giveaway!!!! Thanks :) i follow with Bloglovin since a while now :)

here is my fav item : http://www.loumakes.bigcartel.com/product/arty-san-mk-2

Fingers crossed


MissPinkMurder said...

ciao!ho fatto tutto!=)
su fb sono Sara Kannibal
la mia mail è stellina_nirvana@live.it
il mio preferito è il "Tibetan Silver Cross Earrings"!!
speriamo bene!!!!!=)


Carmen said...

fatto tuttoo
molto bello tuttooo uaoo
mi piace però l'anello della seconda foto anche se quello della terza non scherza!!
Carmen Melfi

pretty-sery said...

a me piacerebbe vincere questo: http://www.loumakes.bigcartel.com/product/musicality


Fury said...

Il mio preferito è il Cobalt Arty ring!


Laura said...

Mi sono innamorata di questo:http://www.loumakes.bigcartel.com/product/cobalt-arty

Su FB sono Laura Ciraolo


valuzza89 said...

su google connect valuzza89
su facebook Tina Langone
mi piacerebbe vincere gli orecchini Hippye chick


Elena Leder said...

mi piacerebbe vincere un arty dan ring.

FB:Elena Leder

Anonymous said...

I choose turquoise arty ring!
On fb I'm Eres Allen

Sarah said...

I follow you through GFC
Like you on facebook (Sarah-Louise Sazzles Bailey)
I love the Antique Bronze Elephant Necklace
My email is: dragonfly1611@gmail.com

Thank you for popping by blog www.lifeinabreakdown.com to let me know about this xx

Chiara :) said...

Adoro questo:
Fb: Kya Chan

blondieee said...

prodotto preferito :Gold Gothic Medallion with Coral Stone
su fb sono:il mercatino di bea

jed said...

hello rosa and carlotta! thank you for dropping by my blog and for letting me know about this giveaway. i'm definitely in! =)

i want to win the arty-san ring!
followed you via GFC and liked your facebook page as well (Jed Pequeña). i'm keeping my fingers crossed now!

and oh, lovely illustrations btw!

I Am DollParts

I love my old Levi's said...

Really cute giveaway ! Thanks for invite me :)
My name is Alice and my mail is camomilesevenblog@hotmail.com
My name in facebook is Alicia Pastor
It's a difficult decision but i choose: http://www.loumakes.bigcartel.com/product/turquoise-arty

Good luck everyone !

SERENA B. said...

cobalt arty

Myriam said...

bellissimo il cobalt arty!
vi seguo (su fb sono myriam sorbo)

*CaroL!n@ said...

Mi piace da impazzire l'Arty-San ring! ^_^

Carolina De Mitri su FB

Sophie e Zara said...

Devo dire che sono tutti bellissimi!Ma adoro l'anello turquoise arty!
Zara Eddi su FB

Marie-Charlotte B said...

Great giveaway ! I would love Pink Tiger Tooth Pendant on Silver 32" Chain http://www.loumakes.bigcartel.com/product/pink-tiger-tooth-pendant-on-silver-32-chain

I follow your blog via Googleconnect
my FB name is Marie-Charlotte Bauduin (I also like your blog on it)
my e-mail : bauduin.mc@live.fr

XOXO just love what you're doing

Martina said...

Cobalt Arty Ring
Martina Galli on fb

kaysea said...

mi piace questo: http://www.loumakes.bigcartel.com/product/jade-gold-berry-ring

fb:kathryn chelsea flores


will follow

An said...

I folow you via gfc :)
Liked your FB Page!
FB : Anna Brtnikova

micia said...

Sono follower GFC e bloglovin
Mi piace questo

non clikko su mi piace in quanto non ho un account facebook.

yuyu holickova said...

nice drawings sisters :)


Raffaella said...

Ciao! Seguito tutte le regole :)
Mi piacerebbe vincere Arty-San Ring
Email: raffacancellara@hotmail.it
Nome facebook: Raffaella Cancellara

Beis said...

So here I go!
Arty-San ring! I follow you on FB
Beatriz Iglesias Silva

Kat said...

I already follow on gfc, i liked on facebook (name: Katie Carney)

I would love the gold gothic coral stone medallion.. it's beautiful!

Thanks, ladies!

alannah. said...

those arty rings are beautiful!!x


Anaivilo said...

Lovely giveaway thank you for letting me know :D

I am following you via Bloglovin and my name on Facebook is Anaivilo, here is what I aould like to win: http://www.loumakes.bigcartel.com/product/jade-gold-berry-ring

my email: olivik_loly@yahoo.com

jc said...

GFC: jc
Email: yumihamano@gmail.com
Favorite Item: Tibetan Silver Cross Earrings
FB Name: jc loh

Thanks for the lovely giveaway.

Anonymous said...

Ok fatto tutto !!!
Vediamo ... mmmm .... mi piace l'anello "NEW AND IMPROVED ARTY SAN DESIGN" !!! babs985@hotmail.com

Lixin said...

Hello! I'm following you on Bloglovin' and have liked you on Facebook as well (FB name: Lixin Tan).

I would love to receive the Gold Gothic Medallion with Turquoise Stone. It's really lovely.

My email is wildecade@gmail.com.

Thanks! xx

Excella Gionne said...

Following on GFC and FB

Diana said...

follow you on bloglovin and also like you on FB ( Diana Luce)

I would love to have the turquoise Arty ring!


Claudia said...

scelgo "musicality", follower: clapratty
mail: prattico@inwind.it
su FB: Claudette Giveawayer
incrocio le ditaa;)

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a lovely giveaway!
I really like the Arty San ring! Lovely colours!
I liked you on FB by the name Josefien Tondeleir
And the google friend connection is made...!
Fingers crossed
Big hug
Miss Josie

face said...

grazie per il commento bel blog ,ciao belle londinesi!

The Fashion Observer said...

Partecipo molto volentieri :)

Il mio nome su google friend è The Fashion Observer e il mio oggetto preferito è http://www.loumakes.bigcartel.com/product/arty-san-mk-2
La mia mail è thefashionobserver3@gmail.com
Baci :*

Glass_prison said...

Here I am! I'd like that ring http://www.loumakes.bigcartel.com/product/little-arty-mk-2 :) but if it is not possible, I'll choose that one http://www.loumakes.bigcartel.com/product/cobalt-arty
My e-mail address is MindRevolution@hotmail.it
*waiting for the extraction*

Valerie said...

I would like to win the Dapper Gent Necklace!

I follow you on FB and GFC and Bloglovin!
E-mail: justlikeatruestar@hotmail.com
Facebook: Valerie N. (I don't put my full name here, because Google can pick it up. Hope you understand :)

Sara said...

i follow you via Bloglovin, GFC and Facebook
if I win I want this http://www.loumakes.bigcartel.com/product/arty-san-mk-2
e-mail: sara.kapek@gmail.com
Facebook name: Sara Kapek

vale said...

ciao che bei premi mi piace art san ring metto il link sul blog http://concorsiblogcandyegiveaway.blogspot,com e incrocio le dita ciao

Rabbit Heart said...

FB: giulia Orlandi
E-Mail: giulyorlandy@hotmail.it

mi piace questa collana: http://www.loumakes.bigcartel.com/product/antique-bronze-elephant-necklace

Chloe. said...

Great giveaway !
Followed you in bloglovin and facebook(:

I'd love the turqoise arty ring. It is so beautiful,I love the shape of it.

Facebook name: Chloe Kountouridou.

Email: cherychloe@yahoo.gr

my very own lookbook said...

i love this give away!

1) I followed you already with GFC
2) Visited Lou Makes
3) have no facebook :s

if its possible i like this one: http://www.loumakes.bigcartel.com/product/little-arty-mk-2

this is my mail adress: myveryownlookbook@gmail.com

Tri▲ngle said...

Mi sono innamorata del "Cobal Arty Ring"! spero di essere fortunata!

Beatrice Vita

valentina ♥ said...

mi sono innamorata di quest'anello:
è davvero perfetto per me!
vi seguo da tempo quindi non mi resta altro che incrociare le dita!


GvN said...

Ciao! Fantastico giveaway! Seguo via GFC come GvN, in FB come Giorgia von Niederhausern

Mi piacerebbe l'anello turquoise arty.


Naina said...

I'd love to win the Cobalt Arty, resembles the YSL ring and it's so cute


S said...

i love this: http://www.loumakes.bigcartel.com/product/turquoise-arty

Sara Stolfa

Lotte said...

I like the Turquoise Arty ring a lot:)

facebook name: Lotte Wieringa

bye! x

Giulia Ferri said...

L'account google sono giulia ferri
su facebook sono giulia ferri
la mia mail è giulia.f@live.com
scelgo il turquoise arty ring :)

Michelle's Style File said...

Wonderful giveaway! Following on GFC. I love the wooden deer necklace.


benedettadr said...

bellissimo giveaway!partecipo subito!
se ti va passa da me:)ti seguo!

benedettadr said...

Cara forse ho sbagliato!vi seguo sia come the coffee dress che benedetta de rossi
vorrei l'anello arty ring torquoise!
baci ti aspetto da me:)

Anna said...

Partecipo volentieri. Grazie per l'opportunità.

Ho seguito tutte le indicazioni.

Sono tutti bellissimi. Ma mi piacerebbe molto ricevere il COBALT ARTY RING

AndjelaUndTom said...

Love your blog! :)

Follow me if you like my blog & I'll follow you back. :)


rf said...

i liked on fb im rory finn and i follow on bloglovin!
i like http://www.loumakes.bigcartel.com/product/snake-charmer-pendant-silver

Anonymous said...

mi piace molto l'arty san ring!
sono benedetta lucchi su fb e la mia email é sole10@interfree.it

angela said...

fatto tutto :)
angela lombardi (facebook)
mi piacerebbe tanto questo nella versione silver:

Anonymous said...

Fatto tutto! vi seguo con GFC, nome FB Roberta Cuzzola
email: ro1986by@libero.it
mi piacerebbe vincere COBALT ARTY RING

c'è un GIVEAWAY SUL MIO BLOG: http://traveloguewithlove.blogspot.com/

Simonka said...

I follow via GFC.
I love the Little Arty Ring in silver :)

simonka_t at hotmail dot com

tortina said...

mi piacciono questi orecchini:

facebook: tortina cremosina
email: tortinacremosina@yahoo.it

Anonymous said...

following you through bloglovin and google
name: i was drunk with coke with them.
name google: carolina
i want to win this:

Anonymous said...

Following on GFC!
I like the Antique Bronze Elephant Necklace!


Gia_Pet said...

I follow via GFC (Gia_Pet)

I love the Arty-San ring (It's stunning!)

I 'liked' your Facebook page (Gia Patton-Judge)


Katarzyna Sosnowska said...

i'd love to win Arty-San ring!

My e-mail: sosnowska.katarzyna@yahoo.pl

Renfie said...

Following you via GFC as renfie


Renfie said...

I'd choose Little Arty


Renfie said...

I like you on FB, Karen A Fields


Jasmine1485 said...

I'm following via GFC as Jasmine1485 :)

My favourite item is the 'Antique Bronze Flower Lady Necklace'

I also liked the page on Facebook (Kate Ryan)

kate1485 at hotmail.com

Adora Mehitabel said...

i love the rings