Digital painting techniques are really time-saving 
and help us creating new illustrations everyday. 
We think, the results is quite satisfying as well. 
However, sometimes we like to go back to the traditional way of painting 
and we use palette, paintbrushes and colours. 
We have already posted two of our paintings here and here
Today's canvas, just finished by Carlotta, depicts Paris, Montmartre.

Grazie alle tecniche di arte digitale riusciamo a creare velocemente ogni giorno le nostre illustrazioni, e il risultato è sempre soddisfacente. 
Tuttavia, a volte, ci piace tornare alla pittura tradizionale 
e usiamo colori, tavolozze e pennelli. 
Abbiamo già postato alcuni dei nostri dipinti qui e qui
La tela di oggi, appena finita da Carlotta, ritrae Parigi, Montmartre. 



Leaves you wanting more said...

Love Paris so much!
and also that they have pink glass in their old lampsposts. Have about a million photographs of that.. :) Just can't help myself when I see the view of the sky and that pink color it gives. They have them in venice too... my second favourite city in Europe.

With love,

nonnapuffo said...

♡Very beautiful pictures!!
kisses from your follower! ♡

Elena said...

beautiful photos!!!

IF you want check out my blog, i will be really greateful :)
The Spotted Cherry Pie

Have a nice day!

FASHIONISMYWAY by Cristina L said...

Bellissime foto, davvero :D

Unknown said...

like so much your pics!
Pass to me i have a new post and became my follower for keep in touch with me!!

All the best,Valentina