Graduate Fashion Week 2012: The International Show - ESMOD Berlin, AMFI Amsterdam Fashion Institute, Istituto Marangoni

Graduate fashion week is known for launching the careers of fashion stars such as Stella McCartney, Christopher Bailey, Julien MacDonald, Giles Deacon, Matthew Williamson and Antonio Barardi.
This year GFW celebrates its 21st anniversary with 20 catwalk shows and more than 1.000 emerging talents having their first chance to shine.
Have a glimpse into the future of British fashion!

La Graduate fashion week è famosa per aver contribuito a lanciare la carriera di stelle della moda come Stella McCartney, Christopher Bailey, Julien MacDonald, Giles Deacon, Matthew Wiliamson e Antonio Barardi.
Quest'anno la GFW celebra il suo 21. anniversario 
con 20 sfilate e più di 1.000 talenti emergenti a cui viene data la possibilità di brillare.
Scoprite cosa riserva il futuro della moda britannica!

ESMOD Berlin 

Karen Jessen - Benu Berlin
"Her collection is inspired by the city of Berlin and seeks to combine and reunite old structures. It represents an act of rebellion against the throw-away mentality and worldwide injustice in the fashion industry."

Sonja Dissberger - Unusual
"The debut collection draws inspiration from the artist Jean Michel Basquiat - his experimenting, daring, fears, love, courage and pride created a source of inspiration for the designer." "The label does not create fashion for a certain sex, but for individuals who refuse to be placed into categories and be forced into roles."

Alexandra Kohlmeier - Occupy My Soul
"The collection draws inspiration from the work of the Chinese concept artist Ai Weiwei. Ai Weiwei's art is symbolic of the relentless struggle against the dictorial Chinese regime and for the freedom of the Chinese population. Key elements of this collection are classic cuts that are influenced by Chinese clothing. Furthermore voluminous structures and flowing silhouettes as well as the strong contrast of bright and earthy colours are predominant throughout the collection."

Louise Friedlaender - 01
"Her women's wear label and debut collection 01 focuses on combining traditional craftmanship with modern artistic and elegant forms. Native American cultural, structura and sculptural elements fundamentally influence the collection, as well as Pierre Paulin's furniture design that is reflected in the collection's modern abstract and sculptural quality."

Eun-Jung Lee - Contemporary White
"Her collection is inspired by gymnastic silhouettes in Olympic uniforms, Greek columns and Roman togas." "The collection combines feminine draping of himation and togas with the masculinity of Roman uniforms. Contemporary White conveys tight, all-in-one garmets that reflect contemporary style."

AMFI Amsterdam Fashion Institute

Ayla Van Maarschalkeweerd - Umma
"I was inspired by clothing from various cultures, also by women who dress differently . This collection visualises my fantasy of a aholistic wolrd in which all cultures live besides each other in peace and blend into a new unity."

Yvonne  Kwok - We dance like little Marys swaying to the symphony of destruction
"My collection is inspired by the marionette doll with elements of the carnival and mixed with a raw edge of punk."

Sladjana Pengic - When I was 7
" -Intellectual war with emotions and experiences from my past that keep haunting me - My collection is inspired by military camouflage winter uniform - expressed in oversized silhouettes and details in diferent shades of white."

Fleur Roossien - Drops of a domestic housewife
"With this collection I tried to capture the desperation of a sixties suburban housewife who is stuck in her own decorated world."

Tess Van Zalinge - The same old lines, the same old stories of breathless trains and worn down glories
"I was inspired about the urge I have to careless decisions. Guidance is what I was looking for. That I found in the chaste and old Dutch heritage combined with the unprejudiced and uninhibited African culture."

Istituto Marangoni Milano

Jung Jaechul - Shy

Zhu Liyuanzi - Everyone's future will become their past and history

Nicoletta Saracco 

Tiago Tome'

Sofia Colasante

Istituto Marangoni Paris

Justine Chomette

Daniel Almaguer

Kim Eunhyung

Maria Martimo

Li Wan



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