Gradute Fashion Week 2012: University of Salford - Manchester

Graduate fashion week is known for launching the careers of fashion stars such as Stella McCartney, Christopher Bailey, Julien MacDonald, Giles Deacon, Matthew Williamson and Antonio Barardi.
This year GFW celebrates its 21st anniversary with 20 catwalk shows and more than 1.000 emerging talents having their first chance to shine.
Have a glimpse into the future of British fashion!

La Graduate fashion week è famosa per aver contribuito a lanciare la carriera di stelle della moda come Stella McCartney, Christopher Bailey, Julien MacDonald, Giles Deacon, Matthew Wiliamson e Antonio Barardi.
Quest'anno la GFW celebra il suo 21. anniversario 
con 20 sfilate e più di 1.000 talenti emergenti a cui viene data la possibilità di brillare.
Scoprite cosa riserva il futuro della moda britannica!

University  of Salford - Manchester

from the front row

Camilla Holmes - Bomber Boys
A characterised seven  man crew of a B-17 Plane, each has an individual style via rank the crew position.

Kate Marsland - Straight to the Eye
Based on the work of American printmaker Frank Stella. A collection, which captures geometrical simplicity with interlocking and vertical lines in an array of paster and bright prints.

Jessica Wood - The Shoulder
Inspired by the strong sihlouettes of the 1980's.

Ellie Brooks - Out of  Clutter Comes Simplicity
"from discord find harmony, in the middle of difficulty lies opportunity" sleek romantic lines through delicate shapes and streamline silhouettes.

Georgia Beth Kennedy -  #superheroes?whatkindoffuckedupworldwouldthatbeallowdtohappen?
"They've got u thinkin this is how ur supposed 2b. It's not. We're young. We're supposed 2 drink 2 much and have bad attitudes, it's like Charles Darwin said, u can't get an omelette without breakin a few eggs, that's what it's all about, breakin eggs - this is it, this is our time".

Jordan  Shacklady - Vanilla Cake
A collection defining the 'All-American' girl. LA street  style cools meet edgy New Yorker Lana Del Rey.

Yingxin Jiang - Duo
"My head has split into two. One is me and the other is me too" This collection portrays the duo personalities I adopt while living in two different countries (China and England) with their very different cultures and social expectations.

Claire Rusby - The Divine Lenglen
Suzanne Lenglen; nicknamed "The Divine One" by French press, was the first sporting celebrity (1920's) and fashion icon of her time. Her strength on the court, explosion of movement and feminine style in everyday life has inspired and informed this collection.

Ashlea Williams - Magdalene
Inspired by the film The Magdalene Sisters; the contrast o youthful innocence and dark surroundings.

Charlotte Jones - Artist Unknown
Based on the works of Gerhard Richter (The limits of vision) the collection questions whether perception enables or baffles our understanding of the world around us.

Dhaval Joshi - The Urban Gent
With delicacy and refinement, its a game of classics. A pleat or fold effect cane subtly made out and instills a playful and offbeat elegance. The old codes of menswear are re-invented through a spirit of colour and seductiveness. Deceptively casual elegance that is smart and chic.

Sophie Smith - Black Rock City
Inspired by the Burning Man, a temporary metropolis in the Nevada desert dedicated to community, art, self-expression and self reliance.

Georgina Norbury - No Phone, No Pets, No Cigarettes
"No longer to be poisoned by civilization, he flees, and walks alone upon the land to become lost in the wild. An aesthetic voyager, whose home is the road. My days were more exciting when I was penniless" (Into the Wild, Jon Krakauer)

Bethanie Elsa Jacob - Montana 94
To what extremes is a subcultures defined? How do we break away from the norms of society and find ourselves within identity. Without knowing it, we are conformed to a subculture, or does the subculture conform to us?

Natalie O'Hare - Layers of Perception
Not everything is as it seems. Soft tailoring contrasted with subtle, unexpected geometric shapes to challange the perception of flattering lines and beauty. Who and what defines elegance?

James Grieg - Solution is simple 0:2
A collection of colourful tailored sportswear, inspired by Alain Robert (free climber) and his graduation from a rocky landscape to the cityscape.



Anonymous said...

Fantastic collections by Salford Iniversity graduates GFW, London 2012.

At the Salford show Charlotte Jones won the Barbara Daley award for 'best use of colour' in her collection.

Rosa and Carlotta: Illustrated-Moodboard said...

Congrats Charlotte!