Vogue Fashion's Night Out in London

Did you attend Vogue Fashion's Night Out?
Where were you? New York, Paris, Milan?
We were in London, of course!
We're sorry for the quality of the photos but  they were taken with our phones since we thought the weight of the Nikon would have been too much for the busy VFNO.

Siete stati alla Vogue Fashion's Night Out il 6 sera?

Dove eravate? New York, Parigi, Milano?
Noi a Londra, ovviamente!
Ci scusiamo per la qualità delle foto ma sono state scattate con il telefono; il peso della Nikon era eccessivo per una serata busy come quella quella della VFNO.

A crowded New Bond Street

Live music on the streets
Swinging Silk party and free beer in front of Hermès.

Pretty corsages at Liberty

Vogue cover photoshoot at Liberty

Dear Prudence live
Cocktails at Tiffany & Co.

Exaordinarily yummy macarons at Tiffany & Co.
Victoria's Secret
Taking a break at Daks drinking cocktails

Toffee apple and cinnamon popcorn at Daks

Caricature artists


grlcreative.com.mx said...

loved it!

Check out my blog :)

vivi said...

I have been to VFNO in Milan, come and see my pictures!:)
I would have loved to be in lo don though..