Illustrated Moodboard is expanding: meet our new team members!

Illustrated Moodboard is expanding! We added a few new faces to our team of contributors: 8 creative writers, art lovers, social butterflies, and wanderlust travellers enthusiastic about sharing their thoughts and experiences. 
From now on, on Illustrated Moodboard, along with our articles and illustrations, once in a while you will find their little gems. They will blog from all over the world, dealing with the most diverse topics!

lllustrated Moodbaord si espande! Abbiamo aggiunto alcune nuove facce al nostro team di collaboratori: 8 scrittori scrittori creativi, amanti dell'arte e della vita, viaggiatori entusiasti che non vedono l'ora di condividere i loro pensieri e le loro esperienze. 
D'ora in poi, insieme ai nostri articoli e le nostre illustrazioni troverete ogni tanto su Illustrated Moodboard anche le loro piccole gemme. Scriveranno da diverse parti del mondo e tratteranno degli argomenti piĆ¹ disparati!

From: Milan
Writing from: London
Likes: Culture, painting, giving presents, lingerie, sunsets, old films, European history
Spends her days: Daydreaming, reading, planning, drawing and painting
Idolises: Artists, Impressionist painters in particular
Is inspired by: Love stories from the past, cities, unconventional beauty, romance
Has a tendency to: Have unrealistic expectations
Has a crush on: Paris
Has an unhealthy obsession with: Little things
Is proud of her: Achievements
Dreams about: Everything
Has an unrequired love for: Dress making and classical music

From: Milan
Writing from: London
Likes: Colourful hair, vintage book covers, feminist and queer theory, chunky shoes, cheekbones, stars, rainbows, rose petals and summer nights
Hates: Not being right
Spends her days: Dreaming, making plans, drawing, painting, reading, studying, browsing through vintage stores and second-hand shops.
Idolises: James Baldwin's writing and Kate Moss' looks
Is inspired by: Colour
Has a tendency to: Overcriticise
Has a crush on: Paris, France
Has an unhealthy obsession with: Fairy dust (loose glitter), soap bubble and peacock feathers
Dreams about: Travelling through time and around the world
Has an unrequired love for: Film making

*  *  *

From: "That branch of the lake of Como" (A. Manzoni)
Writing from: Paris and Bologna
Likes: Travelling, atmospheres, aperitifs, parties, creative cuisine, conceptual art, cats, bows, nice voices, elegance, little children, stories, hot baths, massages, being spoiled, everything that glitters, the 70s
Spends her days: Thinking, planning, wandering, observing (possibly all at the same time), at exhibitions, museums, flea markets, window shopping, studying, writing, reading, listening to music, watching films and TV series, having fun changing outfits
Is inspired by: Passionate people and idealists
Has a tendency to: Be over enthusiastic, too emotional and daydream
Has a crush on: Paris, La Vie en Rose
Has an unhealthy obsession with: Colourful tights and tulle dresses
Is proud of her: Life choices
Dreams about: Living travelling or travelling for a living
Has an unrequired love for: Stage acting

From: Turin
Writing from: His little an white bedroom in Turin
Likes: Cinema, good music, photography and fashion ads, talking to people and learning about their lives.
Spends his days: Thinking, studying, making and editing videos
Idolises: People who are smarter than him and are fond of night life and parties
Is inspired by: People walking on the street
Has a tendency to: Keep aside
Has a crush on: Girls with short hair (it's just a personal  temporary trend)
Has an unhealthy obsession with: Other people's flats
Is proud of his: Good taste in general
Dreams about: Interrailing around England
Has an unrequired love for: Journeys

From: Milan
Writing from: London
Likes: Travelling, sketching, reading, partying, cooking, nature, art & desing magazines
Hates: Pessimist people, feeling out of place
Spends her days: Smiling, learning, planning, travels/trips, reading, exploring new places
Idolises: Castiglioni's designs, Keouac's novels and Turner's paintings
Is inspired by: Music, love, friends
Has a tendency to: Analyse people's behaviour
Has a crush on: San Francisco
Has an unhealthy obsession with: Paper types, eccentric earrings, coloured tights and shorts
Dreams about: Writing a novel while travelling around the world
Has an unrequired love for: Typographic posters, food design

From: Milan
Writing from: Milan
Likes: Photography, vintage shops, old bikes, classical and indie music, healthy food, happy and enthusiastic people, summer time, writing a diary
Hates: Nude coloured tights, hypocrisy
Spends her days: Planning, exploring, dreaming (and studying)
Is inspired by: People on the street. She loves observing them
Has a crush on: The sea, landscapes and sunny days
Dreams about: Travelling, living new experiences and challenges
Has an unrequired love for: Photography and video making
Motto: "Go at least once a year to a place you've never been before"
Favourite Book: Paolo Coelho 'The Warrior of Light'

From: Turin, ITALY
Writing from: Her bedroom
Likes: Neuroscience and neuropsychology, cinema, dogs, eating and sleeping

Hates: Know-it-all people and waking up early in the morning
Idolises: Successful women that have it all without compromises nor sacrifices
Is inspired by: The mood of the moment. It influences all her choices
Has a tendency to: Interrupt conversations when a great idea comes up to her minds
Has a crush on: Her bright pink lipstick
Has an unhealthy obsession with: Blazers
Is proud of her: Blonde hair
Dreams about: What she will become in ten years
Has an unrequired love for: Arts, drawing and painting. She's a passionate watcher but not a good student

Writing fromThe whole world
Likes: Football, dancing, music, travelling the world while meeting the most amazing and interesting people
Hates: Nothing. Beyond good and bad it's amazing to be alive.
Spends her days: Loving the people in her life, singing, dancing and making mental movies about perfect scenarios
Is inspired by: Faith, love, hope and passion
Has a tendency to: Daydream a bit too much
Has a crush on: The world and the people in it
Has an unhealthy obsession with: Perfectionism. Her excuse: she's a Sagittarius ;)
Is proud of her: Little brother and their great relationship
Dreams about: The future, returning to Brazil and being reunited with her incredible and drearly missed friends from all over the world

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