Fashion Trends: Temporary Tattoos

Personally, we love tattoos. We have two each and plan on getting more done in the future. However, as anyone who's got one knows, they're so addictive we would be covered in them if we let ourselves. 
Temporary tattoos can be a fun alternative to real ones and allow you to try larger or showy designs, or tattoos in places you know you will get tired of.

Personalmente, adoriamo i tatuaggi. Ne abbiamo due a testa a cui abbiamo in programma di aggiungerne altri in futuro. Tuttavia, come chi e' gia' tatuato ben sa, uno tira l'altro ed e' davvero  difficile fermarsi.
I fake tattoo sono un'alternativa divertente a quelli veri e permettono di provare design grandi o appariscenti senza timore di ripensamenti.

1. Flower Finger Tattoos - Topshop 5£
2. Temporary Tattoo Dreamer - Skin Art £4.99  at Boots
3. Butterfly Tattoos - Claire's £3.50
4. Horse Tattoo Pack - Topshop 5£
6. Rainbow Set - Tattly $15
7. Fingerstache Temporary Tattoos- Gamago £4.09 at Nordstorm


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