Summer Festival Preview: Standon Calling

Who's going to be at Standon Calling today? Carlotta and our latest contributor Paolo are!
Born as a private birthday barbecue party in 2001, Standon Calling is now one of the most loved independent boutique festivals in the UK. 

Top 10 things we're most looking forward today:
1) This summer's theme, ‘Running Away From the Circus’, along with the promise of  right lights, late nights, smoke, mirrors, music, madness and the strangest people on Earth. Could it sound any better?
2) The secret areas, because secrets are always intriguing!
3) The people watching. We expect lots of fun fancy dresses.
4) The onsite actual circus with live circus acts.
5) The intimate vibe that characterises smaller festivals.
6) Music performances by De La Soul, Gentleman's Dub Club, Dizraeli & The Small Gods, London Afrobeat Collective, Mary Epworth, Lips Choir, Dancing Years, Vardo & The Boss and lots of others.
8) Quirky sessions like Science of Building a Human Pyramid and theArt of Whipping, Conquer Your Fear of ClownsArt Macabre Life Drawing, Circus Smell Safari.
7) A late night in the Forest of Freaks. Sounds promising, huh?
9) The short trip. Did you you Standon is only approximately 30 miles from London?
10) The swimming pool, of course!

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