December Inspiration - The Best Quotes about Gifts & Giving and Christmassy Pictures from our Instagrams

It's only December 2 and Christmas is already in the air.
Regent Street, Oxford Street and Carnaby Street light up the city with their glittering decorations. Rudolph the red nosed reindeer makes an apparition in Covent Garden, Christmas trees pop up in every corner and people going to work in the morning holding their Starbucks red cups make everything more festive!
To set the mood even more, here are some Xmassy pictures from our Instagram accounts (CarlottaCrepax and Rosa_Crepax) and a few inspirational quotes about gifts and giving.

E' solo il due di dicembre ma il Natale e' gia' nell'aria.
Regent Street, Oxford Street e Carnaby Street illuminano l'intera citta' con le loro decorazioni scintillanti. Rudolph, la renna dal naso rosso, fa un'apparizione al Covent Garden, alberi di natale spuntano da ogni angolo e i lavoratori la mattina con in mano le loro red cups di Starbucks rendono il tutto ancora piu' festoso!
Per creare ancora di piu' l'atmosfera, ecco qualche foto natalizia dai nostri account di Instagram (CarlottaCrepax e Rosa_Crepax) e le migliori citazioni sul dare e sui regali.

“Smith, you don't realize it's a privilege to practice giving presents to others.' The way he did it was charming; there was nothing glittery and Christmasy about it, but almost sad, and sometimes his gifts were old beat-up things but they had the charm of usefulness and sadness of his giving.” 
― Jack KerouacThe Dharma Bums

“I would give someone a record so they could love the record, not so they would always know that I gave it to them.”― Stephen ChboskyThe Perks of Being a Wallflower

"When I give, I give myself." - Walt Whitman

 “Giving generously in romantic relationships, and in all other bonds, means recognizing when the other person needs our attention. Attention is an important resource.”― Bell HooksAll About Love: New Visions

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