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Rosa is Rosa_Crepax
Carlotta is CarlottaCrepax

 KTZ Press Day
Earl's Court - London

 Snow in Turin

MODUS Press Day

Getting my hair done at the Pop Pr Press Day

Free drinks in Kingly Court!

California Bakery's Tea in Milan

December, British Vogue

Testing some new hair products 

DIY Chai Latte

Who doesn't like Love Hearts?

Party with our friends.

Our cute Border Collie in the snow - Italy during Christmas Break

Getting inked! Again. 

Baby blue fluffy cardigan for a day at uni. 

Water based detox diet

Jack Wills leather bracelets


Knit dress and mittens. Our mum's design

Archivio Crepax - Guido Crepax's Valentina

DIY smakompisar

Genova - In Italy during Christmas Break

Back in London. 

IKEA winter treats

Rosa's blue hair

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