Fashion and Wood - Vin+Omi and Niro Wang Spring Summer 2016

The collections that Vin+Omi and Niro Wang presented for this Spring Summer 2016 have something in common: mother nature as their muse, and a passion for forests and wood. 

Niro Wang's <Logger> explores the connection between the urban and the natural world drawing inspiration from American forest loggers of the twentieth century. Linen is at the center of the whole collection and is paired with playful laser cut details and embellishments made from reclaimed wood. 

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Less traditional is the inspiration of Vin+Omi's 'Futurewood' which the designers described as a "Future Eco-Punk" collection. All the materials and fabrics (including latex!) come from trees. The prints replicate 15 different types of barks and wood. 

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