BFI Flare 2016 - Mapplethorpe: Look at the Pictures - Review

Robert Mapplethorpe, the controversial photographer associated with the 1960s/70s New York art scene, liked to talk about artistic experience in terms of magic. Sex, his main artistic focus, was magic, and magic was also what he aimed for with his photographs. The magic of Robert Mapplethorpe's art, however, goes well beyond the vast body of work he left behind: he himself was magic, and his own life was art.

Mapplethorpe: Look at the Pictures, of which we had the pleasure to watch the UK premiere as part of BFI Flare 2016, offers a glimpse into the art, the vision and the experiences that turned Mapplethorpe into a cult figure. While, in Just Kids, Patti Smith painted a romantic and deeply affectionate picture of the photographer's New York years, the documentary uses a diverse mix of interviews with friends, family and collaborators, vintage film clips and evocative audio recording in an ambitious attempt to produce an informative account of Robert Mapplethorpe's complexity, contrasts and genius.

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DIRECTOR Fenton Bailey / Randy Barbato
PRODUCER Fenton Bailey / Randy Barbato / Katharina Otto-Bernstein / Mona Card
CINEMATOGRAPHER Huy Truong / Mario Panagiotopoulos
EDITOR Langdon F. Page
COMPOSER David Benjamin Steinberg
CO EDITOR Francy Kachler
ASSOCIATE PRODUCER Kathrin Lohmann / Jordan Papadopoulos
RESEARCHER Oleg Dubson / Joseph Ruscitto

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